Accumulator Battery Stands


Accumulator Battery Trays

The core of our business is the production of battery trays. The trays are manufactured from sheet metal and are usually covered with a seamless plastic coat. This layer of plastic not only provides reliable protection from corrosion, it works primarily as perfect insulation of the electric cells from the trays. The plastic that coats the tray is acid-resistant in case the battery has suffered mechanical damage.

Bent metal profiles

Our new press brake allows us to produce high-quality, sharp and precise bending o sheet metal. We prepare tin components of elevator cabins and various precision parts, as well as construction and fixation elements of various precision specifications.

Plasma cutting

CNC plasma cutting technology, thanks to its physical properties, delivers precision cutting with an emphasis on being able to modify the cut quality. With lower requirements as to the cut surface quality, the cutting process may be accelerated, which results in a lower price of the service.

Oxy-acetylene cutting

CNC oxy-acetylene cutting acts as a full complement to plasma cutting. Orders that require cutting metal sheets 30-200 mm thick may be handled with oxy-acetylene cutting and deliver high quality results.

Light Steel Structures

The technological equipment of our company allows us to produce various steel structures. We make various lids, racks for pane glass, frames, fence components, steel platforms with railings, etc.

Manufacturing technology


CNC plasma cutting

We provide HighSpeed cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Material Thickness
Carbon steel 0,5 - 30mm
Stainless steel 0,5 - 6mm
Aluminium 0,5 - 25mm

CNC oxy-acetylene cutting

If necessary, we are able to use CNC cutting with pieces up to 200 mm thick.

CNC sheet metal bending

We use a press brake (120 ton) for bending. Parameters of metal bending .

Material Bend length Maximum thickness
Carbon steel 3000mm 4,00mm
Carbon steel 2000mm 6,00mm
Stainless steel 3000mm 3,00mm
Aluminium 3000mm 5,00mm

Sheet metal cutting

We use a hydraulic cutter for orders of processing usually black metal sheets with a thickness up to 8 mm and a cut length up to 2,000 mm.

Sheet Metal Punching

We use a punching press (60 ton). This operation may be applied in S235 black sheet metal for hole dimensions up to ø57 x 8 mm.The machine may also be used for shape cutting along the edge of the sheet.

Metal Machining

Our machining plant is equipped with several types of machines.

   Workable length - 1,250 mm, maximum workpiece diameter - 380 mm.
Universal Mill Cutter
  Table dimensions: 250 x 1,250 mm
Band Saw
   Vise jaw maximum distance: 240 mm

Metal Welding

We use the MIG and MAG welding methods. We are ready to weld carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys. In September 2009 we successfully competed for a certificate DIN 18800 - 7:2002-09 Class D for light steel structures made from carbon steel.